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The International Campaign to Stop Rape

Statement on the arrest of Mr. Joel Davis, former coordinator of the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict

(Thursday, June 28, 2018) Yesterday, we learned of the arrest and grave charges of child sexual abuse against Joel Davis, former volunteer coordinator of the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict.

As a coalition of organizations working directly to end sexual violence, we are deeply shaken, shocked, and appalled by these revelations. We stand firmly by the children and families allegedly hurt by these acts. 

These allegations are intolerable with respect to anyone – even more so when the alleged perpetrator is an individual whose young career was built on advocating against sexual violence.

Effective yesterday, June 27, 2018, Mr. Davis is no longer the coordinator of the Campaign and his organization has been removed from the coalition. Mr. Davis coordinated the Campaign on a voluntary basis since 2017 on behalf of his organization. As with many of our initiatives and responsibilities within the coalition, the coordinator role has always been a shared responsibility among the member organizations and the steering committee is working to appoint a new interim coordinator.

We remain committed ––today more than ever–– to the urgent work and mission of the campaign: to end sexual violence wherever it occurs.

We express our full support for a thorough investigation by the appropriate authorities.

Media Inquiries:  Lars Anderson   +1 (202) 281 0675


The first ever global collaboration between Nobel Laureates, NGOs, and Humanitarian experts to end sexual violence in conflict.

Organizations and individuals around the world have worked tirelessly to amplify the voices of survivors and stop rape. The International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict unites us into a powerful and coordinated effort for change.

With over 5,000 members, we are the first ever global collaboration between Nobel Peace Laureates, international advocacy organizations, and groups working at the regional and community levels in conflict.

The Campaign will demand urgent and bold political leadership to prevent rape in conflict, to protect civilians and rape survivors, and call for justice for all —including effective prosecution of those responsible. These three pillars of the Campaign PreventProtectProsecute, signal a comprehensive effort to stop rape in conflict.


Demand implementation of UNSC Res 1325


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"We call on world leaders to ensure women are an integral part of all peace processes."

Solange Lwashiga Furaha, South Kivu Congolese Women's Caucus for Peace